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Snapture - Snapture Labs LLC

 Snapture - Snapture Labs LLC

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#1 was highest known rank achieved in Photography

Snapture - Snapture Labs LLC ???????????????????????????
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Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Gizmodo, Wired, CNET, TUAW and more!

"In my opinion, this app is what makes the iPhone into a great point-and-shoot camera. Other apps just help improve the cell phone camera experience, but this make it as easy as pulling out my Canon and tapping the button -- all from my phone."

- The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

? You've tried the rest, now try the best ?
? 500,000 customers can't be wrong ?

No one trick ponies here. Snapture is the next generation camera app that delivers a comprehensive feature set that will truly revolutionize the way you take photos on the iPhone.

Snapture's Picture-in-Picture (QuickView) feature is a patent-pending technology built from the ground up with the user in mind. Snap a picture and instantly see the result in the corner of your screen. Need a closer look? Simply press and hold the picture. Want to email a good picture or delete a bad one? Simply slide the thumbnail across the screen. You'll never have to access the camera roll again!

Need Zoom? Simply use your fingers to Pinch and Pan the viewfinder like you would with a normal photo, Snapture's patent-pending multi-touch zoom technology will take care of the rest. Capture exactly what you want. 5X zoom for the most discerning of photographers.

? But wait. There's more!(RIP Billy Mays) ?

Snapture's full-function feature set also includes:

? High Speed Multishot: 3 rapid fire snaps to capture every moment of action.
? Easy Snap: Tap anywhere on screen to take a photo. You know you're hot - take self-photos!
? TouchZone: Stabilize or cancel your shot using TouchZone.
? Multiple Image Sizes: Most camera apps reduces image quality, Snapture allows for capture at full resolution.
? A˛Focus - Automatic Auto Focus. Works with Pinch and Pan zoom on 3GS.
? Level Aid
? Auto/Manual Save
? Tooltips, and much more!

? Testimonials: ?

"Snapture provides a wealth of handy camera tools...I particularly like Snapture's multishot feature, which can fire off three shots in rapid succession."


"[Snapture] lets you view and delete photos from within it, rather than having to switch to the Camera Roll as you do with Apple?s version."

-- Wired

"Snapture appeared on the scene and immediately presented itself as a game changer for iPhone photography.?


"Snapture is the Usain Bolt of iPhone camera apps ? it leaves the built-in app, and all others, lagging way behind."



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