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iMarkup - Markup Calculator - SUI Solutions

 iMarkup - Markup Calculator - SUI Solutions

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iMarkup - Markup Calculator - SUI Solutions iMarkup

Automatic markup calculator.


Calculate sales figures in an instant using iMarkup from SUI Solutions. iMarkup helps you make quick decisions by automatically computing your sell price when you don't have time to enter a formula. iMarkup will show results as you type--simply enter any two values and your work is done.

Want to determine your markup with a particular sell price and a set cost? Simply enter the cost and sell price to instantly see both markup and percentage markup.

Since there's no need to select a parameter or formula, iMarkup will provide you with both accurate and immediate results.

iMarkup is compatible with traditional iPhone gestures--it senses finger taps, allows you to clear a field by swiping and clear all fields by shaking the device.

iMarkup Features:

?Instant calculations as you type
?All fields double as input or output
?In-field calculations
?Tax calculations
?Swipe a field to clear its contents
?Gently shake the iPhone to clear all fields
?Shake protection--hit undo to retrieve information from accidental shakes
?Set custom preferences: precision, shake sensitivity and the default field at startup.
?Swipe the screen vertically to quickly adjust the current field

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Screen Shot for iMarkup - Markup Calculator - SUI Solutions
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Screen Shot for iMarkup - Markup Calculator - SUI Solutions
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