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hearin'helper - BONGO HH

 hearin'helper - BONGO HH

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hearin Do you have difficulty hearing the guy down the end of the meeting room, or your children when they're mumbling?

The hearin'helper transforms your iPhone into an assistive listening device, perfect for helping in those difficult listening situations. It can be discreetly used whenever you require just a bit more volume. People won't even notice you listening through it. Afterall, it's just your phone.

The hearin'helper amplifies sound from your iPhone microphone and delivers it to you through one of four selectable hearing profiles. Each hearing profile is a specially designed filterbank that has been optimized for iPhone hardware.

The profile represented by the:

-shaded treble and bass cleff is transparent. Sound is unfiltered as it passes through this profile

-treble and bass cleff has a flat frequency response, suitable for flat hearing loss configurations

-treble cleff has a mid and high frequency emphasis, suitable for sloping hearing loss configurations

-two treble cleffs has a high frequency emphasis, suitable for steeply sloping hearing loss configurations

No special download routines need be observed. It's as simple as starting the app and activating the profile that sounds best for you!

Different settings can be applied to each ear for stereo listening.

Better listening results can be achieved by using a headset without an in-line microphone.

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