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XPilot - 7b5 Labs

 XPilot - 7b5 Labs

    © 2009 7b5 Labs     All by author

#41 was highest known rank achieved in Simulation Games

XPilot - 7b5 Labs "It's quite a lot of fun... This is an automatic buy for seasoned XPilot fans, and a great chance for those unfamiliar with the game to get on board" -

"Visually, the game is wonderful... The more I play, the more I love it" -


Please note -- some players have reported crashes when starting up XPilot for the first time on some iPhone models. We're working on tracking this down as we speak, and will make a fix freely available as soon as possible. In the meantime, please restart the game if this occurs, and we apologize for the inconvenience!


Use reflexes, strategy, and cunning -- not to mention dozens of formidable and outlandish weapons and gadgets -- as you battle other players and robots to dominate the world of XPilot in a networked mixture of space physics and sci-fi mayhem. Experience this resurrected classic in a whole new way!

- Pilot your ship through a multiplayer world based on uniquely authentic 2D spaceflight physics: thrust, momentum, and acceleration are as vital to your survival as lasers and cloaking devices.
- Navigate through an array of wild and devious spacescapes and arenas teeming with gravity wells, transporters, and automated cannons.
- Collect items to build up your ship's capabilities.
- Fire heat-seeking missiles, switch on tractor beams at just the right moment to throw your competitors off their game, remotely detonate proximity mines.
- Team up to steal your opponents' treasure or simply indulge in random acts of chaos.

Classics, though they may be forgotten for a while, never lose their potency. Play Doh, Rubik's Cube, boomerangs, semi-legal firecrackers; once perfected, they cannot be imitated or improved upon. XPilot was created during the Internet's adolescence, obsessed over by a few gaming pioneers around the world, and finally lost, waiting quietly to be rediscovered. Groundbreaking technically, it paved the way for today's massively multiplayer online games. But its true genius was its gameplay, unique and never duplicated. Until now. 7b5 Labs has resurrected XPilot with its most technically advanced incarnation yet -- and added a few toys along the way.

XPilot for the iPhone connects to game servers running around the globe. Each server is a separate XPilot world, with different game maps, textures, items, and rule variations. If you have some technical know-how, you could even download and run your own XPilot server, with your own rules and your own custom maps! (Please note that while the game server code is freely available, it is not part of the XPilot for the iPhone application).

This project is available as open source: all of the source code is available for free under a GPLv2 (GNU Public License version 2) license. Please visit the 7b5 Labs web page to download the source code.

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Screen Shot for XPilot - 7b5 Labs
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