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Sexy Girl Talk - Sexy Alphabet Deluxe - theM Dev

 Sexy Girl Talk - Sexy Alphabet Deluxe - theM Dev

    © Lukasz Matablewski    

#209 was highest known rank achieved in Education

Sexy Girl Talk - Sexy Alphabet Deluxe - theM Dev Sexy Girl Talk - Sexy Alphabet is the Alphabet application that is different from all other ABCs apps on the appstore.

That is cause we hired a professional voice model to speak all the letters of alphabet in a sexual and sophisticated way.

You won?t believe how sexy a thing like an Alphabet can be :)

Don?t believe us? Try it for yourself you won't be able to stop using this great app, it is a real stress reliever. Something that every guy should have :)

- Listen to Sexy Alphabet
- Listen to some nice pronunciation
- Fun for all the guys
- Tap a letter to hear a pronunciation of a letter
- Tap ??? to hear a pronunciation of a random letter
- Upper case and lower case letters available (tap on A<>a button)

Additional information
- Professionally recorded speeches
- Clear and sensual voice of a lecturer
- Easy to use

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Screen Shot for Sexy Girl Talk - Sexy Alphabet Deluxe - theM Dev
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Screen Shot for Sexy Girl Talk - Sexy Alphabet Deluxe - theM Dev
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