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London Bus - Malcolm Barclay

 London Bus - Malcolm Barclay

    © 2009 Malcolm Barclay     All by author

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London Bus - Malcolm Barclay The most comprehensive guide to traveling in & around Greater London.

? 750 Detailed Bus Routes
? 20,000 Bus Stops
? 630 Tube & Rail Stations
? Real Time Journey Planning

With quick & detailed access to 750 routes, London Bus covers the main day & night time network. It knows where more than 20,000 bus stops are located and the services that run through them; you'll never be lost on public transport again!

- PLAN -
Use the plan section to get real time TfL journey plans across the Tube, Bus, DLR, Rail, Tram, Coach, River & Cycling services. You can set from & to locations a number of ways:

? Partial address or POI
? Postcode only
? Locate me
? Contact lookup
? Favourite
? Find station (Underground & rail stations list)

Google maps is integrated into the journey plans, so you can easily find the exact bus stop (along with its stop code) for any part of your journey.

Use the 'Home' button to automatically get a journey plan from your current location to your home location. The advanced settings can fine tune your planning requirements, such as maximum walking time, walking speed, interchanges & cycling options.

An internet connection is required to get journey plans.

All journey plans are automatically saved in the history section so you can later refer to them offline. Tap the 'Edit' button to remove journey plans that don't meet your requirements or that you no longer need.

Tip: When you have an internet connection, Use the 'departure date & time' in the plan section to forward plan your journey. You can then access all of the journey plan & itinerary details from the history section when offline.

Find routes by number or enter a locality name, for example 'Aldgate East'. Routes are covered in both directions; whilst in transit use the 'Track Me' feature to show where you are along any given route.

Timetables for any stop can be displayed from the route screen by tapping the stop name & selecting 'Timetables'.

For later use in journey planning, you can favourite:

? Contacts
? Addresses
? Bus Stops
? Stations
? Routes
? Journey Plan Criteria

To favourite a contact, a full UK postcode must be in the contacts details.

Your nearest 20 bus stops and the services (routes) that run through them are displayed in the locate section. The address you are near is also displayed at the top of the screen along with the first part of it's postcode.

From here you can view route details and perform a number of actions, display in Google Maps, plan from/to, favourite or access timetables.


If you have any problems, please do notify me by EMAIL - Leaving 1 star reviews does not help me easily fix any issues.


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