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BrainFudge - Connex Keysolutions Inc.

 BrainFudge - Connex Keysolutions Inc.

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#39 was highest known rank achieved in Educational Games

BrainFudge - Connex Keysolutions Inc. Crack the Code

BrainFudge is a game of math and logic. Using only seven characters, you must generate code that will unlock each challenge. Your code must manipulate a series of cells containing numeric values by adding and subtracting the cell value.

>  Moves to the next cell
<  Moves to the previous cell
+  Increments the current cell
-  Decrements the current cell
[ If the current cell is zero, jump past the following ]
] Jump back to the preceding [
. Submit the value of the current cell to the gatekeeper

The gatekeeper translates the numeric value of the cell to a corresponding letter. A cell containing the value of 65 will be translated into the letter "A". A value of 109 will be translated into the letter "b".

= Examples =

Add five to the current cell:

Multiply 3 x 3:

Submit the letter "A" to the gatekeeper:

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Screen Shot for BrainFudge - Connex Keysolutions Inc.
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Screen Shot for BrainFudge - Connex Keysolutions Inc.
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