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BioMetric Security - Inner Four, Inc.

 BioMetric Security - Inner Four, Inc.

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BioMetric Security - Inner Four, Inc. *Formerly Finger Security, we rebuilt BioMetric Security from the ground up using new scanning features and adding weapons such as a Tazer Gun and Switchblade, so you not only have an alarm system but self defense weapons. Simply tap on the info button to access these two bonus apps which we built into the restructured BioMetric Security, and we?re giving it to you all for the same low price. We?re flipping the script on buy one, get one free?.make it, buy one, get TWO free!

You're such a big deal that your iPhone has a biometric technology system that can scan fingerprints and retinas as a protection mechanism to lock your phone. At least that's the story you're going to tell friends when you show off BioMetric Security. They've heard story after story about how sophisticated the iPhone is and you will drive the point home when you display the jaw-dropping illusion of fingerprint identification, and if they don't believe you whip out a Switchblade or Tazer Gun and make them believe you!!!

BioMetric Security seems like it is reading your finger print or scanning your eye using sophisticated technology and activating an alarm system on your phone, but in reality you are controlling whether or not your phone will lock up based on secret buttons located at the top of the screen; top right locks, top left unlocks. Make your friends think that the iPhone can really scan a fingerprint or retina with this app.

When BioMetric Security is unlocked. You press the top right corner to have it locked and proceed to scan your eye or finger. Once the scanner is complete the screen will lock up and will not unlock until you press the hidden unlock button and scan your eye or finger once more. However, when the phone is locked if someone moves your phone an annoying alarm will sound off along with a message on the screen that you will input before hand and your phone will start vibrating. The only way to turn the alarm off is to press the hidden button and have it scan your eye or finger, which will make your friends think your phone can really read finger prints. Your friends will continually fail to unlock the phone and you will explain to them it's because the phone is only authorized to unlock when it scans your unique fingerprint or retina.

You can put BioMetric Security in lock mode and just let it sit there; when someone turns it on the alarm will go off.

BONUS: Tazer Gun & Switchblade!
Scan either Eye or Finger
Personalization by incorporating your name in the process of scanning.
Allows you to input your own messages to the screen to show when alarm sounds.
Voice access and denial messages along with great alarm sound.
Saves locked State.

BioMetric Security works with both generations of the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch.

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