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A Bee Sees

BeerPong (Beirut) FREE - Corey Ledin

 BeerPong (Beirut) FREE - Corey Ledin

    © 2009 Corey Ledin     All by author

#1 was highest known rank achieved in Sports Games

BeerPong (Beirut) FREE - Corey Ledin Beer Pong (Beirut) is a classic drinking game in which players throw a Ping-Pong ball across a table trying to sink it into the opponent?s cup.

The game consists of two players (heads up) trying to finish off all of their opponent?s cups. All the while each player must drink the entirety of each cup that is sunk. So things can get interesting.

The game is won by eliminating all the other opponents? cups before all your cups are eliminated!

:::: Beer Pong version 1.5 ::::
The Third installment of many to come!

In this version you play Corey the current Beer Pong champ (Basement level) in a classic no rack 6-cup game of Beer Pong.

Watch out for your drunkenness shown by the Drunk Meter. Just like in a real life game the more drunk you become the harder it is too shot or is it the other way around? you find out.

Includes realistic sound engineering for all game aspects: Taunting, music, environmental sounds & the option to turn music or sounds on/off. New game play configuration to better suit real life!

Good Luck and have fun competing with the world for the fastest time!

Game Instructions:

New Game: Touch the new game button on the title screen OR Tap the menu icon to the lower right during your turn and the paddle to go back to the title screen.

To Shot: 1.Touch your finger onto the Ping-Pong ball and pull the ball upwards as though you were lifting it. 2. Place the ball at your chosen throw point and then release your finger to throw the ball. 3. Watch where your throw went and try to figure out where to throw it next.

Top Shooters: Just go to the title screen and tap Top Shooters.

Best Time: 38 seconds!

Ranked in the Top Free Apps!

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Screen Shot for BeerPong (Beirut) FREE - Corey Ledin
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Screen Shot for BeerPong (Beirut) FREE - Corey Ledin
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