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Toobz-Free - Off Center Software

 Toobz-Free - Off Center Software

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#1 was highest known rank achieved in Strategy Games

Toobz-Free - Off Center Software Toobz-Free is a challenging, fast-paced game that brings together quick reactions, planning, and a little bit of luck.

Your goal is to create a system of "Toobz" (pipes) beginning at a randomly-placed starting point. Your Toobz network must allow water to flow without any spilling. As you advance through levels, you'll have less and less time to place the pieces before the water starts automatically. You can start the water at any time, allowing you to quickly advance to the next level and earn extra points. If you spill any water, though, your game is over and you'll have to try again.

Toobz-Free features two game modes: "Classic Toobz" in which only one upcoming piece is displayed, and the new "Show Toobz" game in which the next four pieces are displayed. Each game has its own unique twist on a classic game.

Toobz features four choices for difficulty, including a new "free play" mode without a timer. Toobz saves your top ten high scores, and fully supports resuming games in progress if a phone call comes in or the Home button is pressed.

See how high of a score you can get in five rounds of play in this free version of Toobz.

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Screen Shot for Toobz-Free - Off Center Software
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